LANArix -- A LAN Interface for Directional Power Sensors

LANArix provides a comprehensive set of SCPI commands for controlling an NRT-Zxx directional power sensor. The power sensor can be an R&S NRT-Z14, NRT-Z43 or NRT-Z44 (1,2). The power sensor gets its supply voltage directly from the LANArix interface.

After Power ON the interface obtains an IP address dynamically from a local DHCP server on the network. The controlling host (usually a personal computer or embedded system, running Linux, macOS or Windows) contacts the remote NRT-Zxx by the industry standard VISA protocol. LANArix is equipped with both a HiSlip and a SCPI-RAW channel. Preferably HiSlip should be used.

The communication starts with opening the power sensor as a normal VISA device by using its TCP/IP address or hostname in a viOpen() command. An appropriate VISA resource string would be
in your viOpen() command on the controlling PC.


Sending *IDN? will return the corresponding identification of the connected NRT-Zxx power sensor.

IDN Query

A SYST:ERR? query returns information of possibly occurred errors. The next picture shows the error query after sending a nonsense command SENS:FOO:BAR 5:

Nonsens command

The corresponding query returns:

Error Query

A measurement result is acquired by an INIT:IMM and a subsequent FETCH? command


Other commands are documented on the command tab Commands

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